Stefanovich G. B.Editor’s Foreword1
Voronin A. V.Welcome Message from the Rector of Petrozavodsk State University2
Voronin A., Shabaev A.Cooperation of IT-park of PetrSU with Russian and international organizations3 - 9
Korzun D. G.Local and Global Models for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems10 - 23
Pergament A., Stefanovich G., Velichko A.Oxide Electronics and Vanadium Dioxide Perspective: A Review24 - 43
Malinenko V. P., Aleshina L. A., Pergament A. L., Germak G. V.Switching Effects and Metal−Insulator Transition in Manganese Oxide44 - 50
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Ershova N. Y., Nazarov A. I., Sergeeva O. V., Soloviev A. V.Experience of Innovative Technologies Application in the Training for IT Professionals57 - 63
Balandin S., Balandina E., Koucheryavy Y., Kramar V., Medvedev O.Main Trends in mHealth Use Scenarios64 - 70