Kundozerova T., Stefanovich G. Investigation of Flexible Memory Elements // Journal on Selected Topics in Nano Electronics and Computing. 2014. Vol. 2. № 2. P. 50—54, DOI: 10.15393/j8.art.2014.3065

Issue № 2

Nanoelectronics and related issues of nanotechnology

Investigation of Flexible Memory Elements

   T. V.
Petrozavodsk State University, tacan@mail.ru
   G. B.
Petrozavodsk State University, gstef@yandex.ru
Key words:
Resistive random access memory
flexible electronics.
Summary: A resistive memory device can be used in a new area of electronics: flexible electronics. Nowadays devices of flexible electronics is finding increasing application in various fields such as flexible displays, radio frequency identification tags (RFID), electronic paper, solar cells and others technologies. In this article we present an overview of unipolar nonvolatile resistive switching in a flexible metal-oxide-metal thin-film memory cell and a model of switching mechanism.

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