Balandin S., Balandina E., Koucheryavy Y., Kramar V., Medvedev O. Main Trends in mHealth Use Scenarios // Journal on Selected Topics in Nano Electronics and Computing. 2013. Vol. 1. № 1. P. 64—70, DOI: 10.15393/

Issue № 1

Computing and related issues of information and communication technology

Main Trends in mHealth Use Scenarios

Tampere University of Technology,
Tampere University of Technology,
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, e-mail:
Moscow State University,
Key words:
mobile healthcare
mHealth use cases
health information management
human computer interaction
medical information systems
smart systems
Summary: The mobile-devices assisted healthcare and medical applications are expected to create the next breakthrough in demand for smartphones and mobile services. In the last decades we witnesses aging of populations and fast growth of healthcare related expenses. This leads to growth of demand for inexpensive and efficient health monitoring solutions. Mobile phone is the best positioned candidate device for managing aggregation and preliminary analysis of personal data, including information about health and physical activities. Because of that the idea of personal assistant device for health monitoring and early diagnostics of diseases is getting more and more popular. This paper discusses the main currently developed use cases and top trends in development of mobile healthcare use scenarios. In our studies we reviewed and analyzed broad variety of mHealth use cases, i.e., starting from monitors of the most relevant health parameters and updates personal medical record (e.g., blood pressure, ECG, breath activity, etc.), to advanced cloud systems that performs personalized diagnostics and recommendations on healthy behavior and individual medical smart systems that perform advance diagnostic of user’s health and modeling of potential trends and negative developments.

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