Malinenko V., Aleshina L., Pergament A., Germak G. Switching Effects and Metal−Insulator Transition in Manganese Oxide // Journal on Selected Topics in Nano Electronics and Computing. 2013. Vol. 1. № 1. P. 44—50, DOI: 10.15393/

Issue № 1

Nanoelectronics and related issues of nanotechnology

Switching Effects and Metal−Insulator Transition in Manganese Oxide

   V. P.
Petrozavodsk State University,
   L. A.
Petrozavodsk State University,
   A. L.
Petrozavodsk State University,
   G. V.
Petrozavodsk State University,
Key words:
Manganese dioxide
crystal structure
electrical switching
metal-insulator transition
oxide electronics.
Summary: MnO2 samples are obtained by pyrolytic decomposition of manganese nitrate, and thin films of manganese oxide are also deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation and by electrochemical anodic oxidation of metal Mn. The measurements of the electrical conductivity temperature dependences reveal the change of conductivity mechanisms depending on temperature in the range of 450–25 K and the metal–insulator phase transition at T ~ 80 K is described. The switching effects with N-shaped (at low temperatures) and S-shaped (at room temperatures and above) I-V characteristics are studied. Switching mechanisms are discussed based on metal-insulator transitions and an electrothermal instability.

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